by Slender Morris Team | Oct 29, 2021 11:49:12 AM

The Winter Garden Collection is based on nature inspired patterns and the Arts and Crafts trend which is enjoying a renaissance in today's Interior home-wares.

The collection features several statement and highly decorative designs on a mix of luxurious base cloths and in glorious colour palettes.

For this collection similar designs have been worked on a number of base cloths so there are more colour stories, 10 in total, and less designs within each story.Winter_Garden_Ivy_Cameo_1 (2)

Winter Pod (100% Polyester)

A luxurious tapestry effect weave featuring stylised trailing leaves and seed head pods. Available in 3 new updated shades Pewter, Delft and Garnet and suitable for both drapery and upholstery.

Winter Fruits (100% BCI Cotton) 

The printed version of Winter Pod onto a cotton sateen base cloth, available in 5 colourways Adriatic, Chrome, Amber, Navy and Sage.

Cantaloupe (100% Polyester)

The printed version of Winter Pod onto light weight velvet base which really showcases the depth and vibrancy of colour used and is available in 3 colourways Ebony, Navy and Forest.

Rococo (100% BCI Cotton)

A smaller scale stylised mirrored vine leaf and floral design which offers a semi plain design to the collection. Printed onto a cotton half panama across 5 colourways Shadow, Rose-mist, Glacier, Aqua and Ebony.

Baraque (100% Polyester)

The printed version of Rococo onto a light weight velvet base in 2 rich colourways Lava and new Turquoise.

Belvedere (85% Polyester, 15% Cotton)

The woven version of Rococo. A relaxed semi plain weave across 5 soft colourways Stone, Chrome, Chalk Rose, Sage and Amber. Suitable for drapery and upholstery.

Pimpernel (100% Polyester)

A luxurious tapestry effect weave featuring stunning mirrored floral design depicting entwined floral and foliage imagery.

Available in 3 new updated shades Turquoise, Shadow and Garnet. Suitable for both drapery and upholstery.

Woodcote (100% BCI Cotton)

A simple vine leaf print with a hand block printed feel. A useful small scale co-ordinate to the collection, printed onto cotton half panama and available in 8 colourways Delft, Sage, Caramel, Stone, Glacier, Chrome, Lava and Forest.

Pavilion (100% Polyester)

A detailed stylised mirrored damask print featuring the same floral and vine leaf imagery within the collection and printed onto a light weigh velvet base. Pavilion is available in 2 updated colourways Adriatic and Pewter.

Vinery (50% Recycled Polyester 50% Cotton with polyester Embroidery)

A delicate two tone embroidery onto a linen look ground, featuring Pod shaped flower heads and trailing vine leaves available in 4 colourways, Chrome, Sage, Delft and Stone.

Winter Garden (100% BCI Cotton)

A striking design featuring decorative flower heads and trailing leaves printed over a small scale floral ground. Winter garden is printed onto Cotton Sateen and available in 4 rich colourways Ebony, Forest, Garnet and Ivy.

Miniature Garden (100% BCI Cotton)

The small scale entwined floral ground form the background of Winter Garden. Mini florals are key in this years fashion trends. Available in 2 colourways Garnet and Maize.

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