by Slender Morris Team | Oct 21, 2021 1:19:09 AM

This season's newest designs are sure to inspire, whether you want to create an extravagant feature or deluxe array of interior textiles. Here we unwrap our two new collections in detail.


Combining a timeless style with rich materials and craftsmanship, Isadore creates an effortless luxury vibe.

Inspired by sources as diverse as the great houses of the 18th and 19th centuries to earthy age-old metallic, the range of six uniquely designed fabrics add visual interest with a timeless feel.

Structured jacquards are complemented with shimmering chenille and dense embroidery, while the collection's six sumptuous colourways provide a noteworthy nod to the decadence of bygone eras. The range consists of Ash Grey, Maize, Teal, Duck Egg, Sapphire and Amethyst.

Chalfont is a celebration of heritage. The collection spans a variety of styles influences by the Arts & Crafts movement and spirited by the great outdoors. The fabrics each carry lustrous feel-appeal and an authentic richness.

Its six coordinating designs are bold in hue and boast trailing Acanthus leaves, damask tapestries and scrolling ornate birds. Opt for precious gemstone and spice-like colour palettes such as Cayenne, Carmine, Jewel, Verdigris, Saffron or Mineral.

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