by Slender Morris Team | Oct 20, 2021 9:26:29 AM

1. Versatility 

Historically curtains were first hung in ancient Egyptian times thanks to it's early adoption of textiles. Now, with the huge range of fabrics available today as well as many choices of tracks and poles, pleats and voiles, the options of style and design are endless. Curtains give presence to a room, helping set the mood from casual and minimalistic to bold and dramatic.

2. Privacy

Not only are curtains a favoured interior design choice, they also offer practicalities. The extensive variety of fabrics available make it really easy to dress windows beautifully and allow natural light in, while offering privacy from passers by or overlooking properties. Lovely linens and luxe embroideries can frame a room during the day and provide full closure from the outside world at night. Alternatively, modern or floor-length sheers can add a layer of privacy and showcase a romantic feel.


3. Colour

Colour choice is an important decision process when adding curtains to your home. More so because made-to-measure curtains are an investment and you don’t necessarily need to change them frequently once you’ve got it right. You’ll need to identify whether you want them to blend in with the decor or to pop and add interest.

Selecting fabrics that are the same tone as the wall but slightly darker will allow the curtains to complement the room and create a cohesive look. Soft and neutral shades and textures against white/off white walls can add delicate window framing options. Opting for a bold or richer colour can create the perfect contrast, particularly if the fabric has a pattern with a mix of colour and neutrals. Some interior designers use the colour wheel to achieve this designer look. 

If you have blue walls for example, the complementary colour in the wheel is a burnt orange.

4. Sleep

Not only can fabrics be picked to complement your bedroom decor but curtains can have a profound impact on how you feel for the day ahead too. Light from disturbances in the street or bright mornings and nights can jolt the brain in to

waking up. This exposure to light stimulates a nerve pathway from the retina in the eye to an area in the brain and affects the internal clock. Research suggests that curtains have a strong effect on your quality of sleep and help prevent restless nights and early wake-ups.

5. Space

There are plenty of options on how curtains should hang in relation to the type of space. Windows come in many different shapes and sizes, for example a period property can boast very high ceilings, while a contemporary townhouse may have smaller rooms. Curtains can really enhance each property’s features and create a sense of space dependant on the way they hang from the header. Placing a curtain pole or track much higher than the window will add height to the room. However, to dress a window and add scope to a small room you can opt for a wider curtain pole and allow the curtains to fall flush to the floor.

We understand that choosing the right curtains can often be an overwhelming. From measuring up to selecting fabrics that are you perfect match, we are here to help. We offer a Made to Measure service for ILIV stockists, please contact us or visit our NEW section on - (NEW) Fabric and Make Up of Curtains for further information.

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