by Slender Morris Team | Oct 21, 2021 1:21:43 AM

Astoria (pictured above)(click here to view fabrics)

Astoria Collection (click here to view fabrics): The designs and patterns within the collection have been Influenced heavily by the iconic Great Gatsby era. With an innovative approach to jacquard and embroidery, designs are highlighted with lustring yarns to provide a touch of glamour. Architectural colours have been mixed with softer pastel shades, to offer sophistication and diversity to the collection.


Available in five breath-taking colour ways, the Astoria Collection culminates depth and richness within the Blueprint and Steel colour stories whilst offering a more muted and subtle palette in the Rosedust, Cloud and Stone colourways mixing glimmering threads with striking designs to create geometric sophistication.


Influenced by the spirit of the Italian Renaissance the Teatro collection offers a majestic grandeur across classical designs. Sophisticated cut velvets and all-over Jacobean embroideries are layered with lustrous woven jacquards, which offer a classic satin sheen. A move on from the popular Essence collection, Teatro has been crafted to mix modern damasks and stripe designs elegantly across stunning fabric bases. The colour palette sits harmoniously within every setting, with an emphasis on soft neutrals, rich golds and calming azures.


Taking its inspiration from the quintessential British botanical gardens, Botanist offers a combination of intricately printed acanthium & butterflies which originated from hand painted artworks, detailed woollen checks and delicate embroideries.

Botanist offers a variety of six colour stories Autumn, Foxglove, Carmine, Garnet, Coral & Ochre from peachy pastels to grassland greens which are designed to appeal to every interior. For those who love a splash of colour, the cheerful Carmine is the perfect choice, featuring pops of brighter pinks and purples. For more classic tastes, Foxglove and Autumn feature softer colours with duck egg blues and pale pinks, while the Garnet colourway is perfect for a Winter theme, with rich dark reds and bold tartan-like checks. 


Set to make a statement, Navajo has taken influence from indigenous and tribal roots. The collection, available in six striking colourways, has a fun mix of bold conversational prints, textured woven stripes and stunning embroideries, to bring colour and character to any space.

The Salsa and Indigo colour stories boast bright reds and dramatic dark blues, whereas the calming Tamarind embraces neutral creams and warm golds. For more modern tastes, Quince features a range of stronger mustard and grey prints, whilst Teal offers brighter blues contrasting with citrus oranges.

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