by Slender Morris Team | Oct 20, 2021 9:04:46 AM

A whimsical and delicate naturals collection, treasuring the natural world around us.

The colour stories Blue Mist, Denim, Dove, Fern and Rosa have been heavily inspired by both the serenity in nature and Heritage paint colours.

Through studies of alliums, woodland grasses and meadow flora, hand painted watercolour flower heads have been layered with outline sketched design to create a collection with a modern take on traditional florals. 


The collection has been centred around the feature design,  Country Journal, an all-over floral, printed onto cotton half panama and faux linen base cloths. Layered elements found in the lead design have been entwined through the collection on a selection of rustic bases and weaves. Available in seven soft shades, Country Journal translates flora and fauna into a charming and subtle design.

With a sketched two-tone appearance, the feature Jacquard, Woodland Walk has been cleverly woven to portray an overlaid, outline Fern design, taken from the feature Country Journal. Available in six pastel shades, Woodland Walk has a beautifully soft handle with dichromatic depth.​

Mirroring the construction of Woodland Walk, Fia is a smaller-scaled, all-over leaf design, perfect for a seamless coordinate. Emulating the shades found in Woodland walk with some of the colours reversed out, Fia can be easily inverted, allowing for further coordination.

Suitable for drapery and upholstery alike, Sackville Stripe has a robust, organic feel. The vertical striped design has a dry handle with a natural, sketched appearance available in five chalky shades.       

Chervilis an outlined monochromatic print onto simulated linen ground. The grasses and flowers within the design have taken influence from the sketched elements in the background of the lead, Country Journal print.

Competing the collection is Fernia, a paired back co-ordinating small-scale leaf print. Fernia has been designed to mirror the woven look and feel of Fia whilst absorbing the natural textures from grounds from the collection. Available in eight diverse colours, Fernia gives you the opportunity to add a bold pop.


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